Jim Crego

Jim CregoBorn in Minneapolis, Jim grew up exposed to all sorts of different music and always knew he’d be a musician. He started out playing drums and soon moved to learning multiple musical instruments. At age 12, Jim decided to start playing guitar, too; having felt some mastery of driving beats. He and his guitar-slinging buddies played music at parties–never with a singer, and “always sucking”–but the experience paid off.

Jim supplied the back beat in his real band, North by Northeast, which was rounded out by Mike Orr, and Paul & Tommy Merkl. Their first rock shows were at the legendary clubs, 7th Street Entry and The Uptown Bar. North by Northeast released a single on Go2 Records before parting ways.

Next up was Dragnet, fronted by Greg Schaefer (currently of GST fame). This was the first band Jim played guitar in, but wouldn’t be the last. Playing in Dragnet helped Jim understand just what kind of music he wanted to write and play. This vision was realized when he formed God’s Favorite Band with Chris Benson and Andy Wolf. “GFB” signed to Twin Tone records and has had a fantastic run; becoming an iconic Minneapolis band in the early 1990s and continuing to play ever since. The rest, as they say is history, including  a star-turning run playing guitar in Kansas-based Truck Stop Love and his current solo turn, fronting The North Electric.

Hey there,

I’m with the band Forever Sometimes. I was recommended by Krista Johnson and Dan Hylton (Dan Hylton and the Ghostrunners) to connect with you guys. I listened to your stuff, and it sounds freaking awesome.

We’re wanting to come to your show, but sadly, our drummer is only 20, our lead singer/guitar player will be working, and I’m not 100% sure I’ll be free either. I was wondering if you’d have the time to meet for lunch or coffee Saturday afternoon? We’d all be available in that scenario. You can give me a call or shoot me an email. I’ll leave all my info below.

Tim Faklis


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